A forging is a metal part that has been heated and pressed into a predetermined shape between a set of dies. The forging dies are made with profound attention to all details. The metal is cut from rod or shapes hot – extruded. The hot – pressing or forging operation done imparts mechanical and physical properties which provide many advantages over metal products manufactured by other methods. Casting, which leaves the components bulky & with poor exterior finish can be replaced by forging which solves the problem by producing an accurate and neat looking component at an economical price thus increasing production rate, & reducing production costs.

ONE – PIECE VERSATILITY Hot pressed forgings fill the need for one – piece metal parts of intricate shape or complicated design, which would be difficult to secure by any other process.
HIGH DENSITY In the forging process, metal of the forged part are compacted and refined into a dense, homogeneous, non – porous structure that will withstand oil, gas or air at high pressures without leaks.
LESS SCRAP WASTE Forgings are free of internal defects and are produced to close dimensions, little scrap waste occurs. Costs are reduced.
LIGHT WEIGHT The combination of dense grain structure, great strength and toughness in hot – pressed forgings makes possible a significant reduction in weight of assembled metal products by changing to a one – piece forged part. Weight is also reduced because close tolerances of hot Forgings permit less excess metal.
CORROSION RESISTANCE Copper & Brass forgings are highly resistant to corrosion. Special alloys are selected to meet extreme corrosive conditions.
CLOSE TOLERANCES Smoothness and consistently accurate dimensions of Copper & Brass forgings eliminate most surface machining. Dimensional uniformity permits faster chucking, higher speeds and feeds.
EASIEST MACHINABILITY Copper & Brass forgings have a splendid capacity for multiple drilling, reaming, tapping, gang-milling, turning, broaching, other machining operations. Hence Tool life is increased and production costs reduced.
POLISHING AND PLATING Copper & Brass forgings possess a natural fine surface for high polish and ready plating. They are products of beauty, warmth and durability. Minimum preparation is required for chromium plating, lacquering or enameling.
LESS COST Unsurpassed machinability , smooth surfaces, dense structure, longer tool life, close tolerances, fewer operations, and low scrap waste all combine to make Copper & Brass forgings a desirable product at lower cost.
GREAT STRENGTH To make Copper & Brass forgings, the metal is worked twice under tremendous pressures – first during extrusion and then during forging. Double – working produces parts with dense grain structures, no internal defects, higher tensile strength, greater hardness and resistance to impact and abrasion. Therefore, hot - pressed forgings frequently replace other more costly and fragile assemblies of stamped, drawn, cast or machined metal components.


No firm rules for hot stamping can be laid down. Each part requires individual evaluation and we are prepared to advise and help you right from the initial design stage.
We are available to advise you on component design, choice of materials, and stamping and machining techniques.

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If so then please send us a drawing or sample of your part, specify your total or expected annual consumption, identify any special requirements for machining allowances or surface finish, and we will send you our quotation.

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